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The concept

A healthy mind in a healthy body ... under the sun!

Ideal for people seeking balance and harmony or sports lovers. Our wellness vacation programs are designed to allow you to recharge and regenerate both physically and mentally.

A week-long stay combining yoga, sports and nutritional advice in the heart of the beautiful city of Nice; the perfect combination of fitness, well-being, relaxation and tourism in a privileged setting. Formula with or without accommodation, a la carte, choose what suits you best.

At the end of your stay, you will feel full of vitality, centered and peaceful.

Well-being approach

The professionals that makes the difference

Fitness Classes

Stay in shape, boost your mind

Start each day with an invigorating fitness program created by our coach Cédric Mercier. Cedric holds a degree in physical education and is a keen boxer. He has been working as a personal trainer across the Côte d'Azur  for more that 10 years, using boxing skills as the base he will build a program that is appropriate to your level. The programs are fun and varied. The cross training exercises are for you to stay in shape throughout your vacation and beyond. Boxing, improves your cardio and your physical abilities, but you will also relieve your stress and increase self-esteem. The program can be tailored to those who wish to lose weight, improve their strength and conditioning or wish to kick start a new fitness regime.

Nutritional Cooking Advice

Tips and inspiration

At lunch, we offer the opportunity for you to be involved with the preparation of healthy meals that will enable you  to keep your body in perfect health by participating in the development of balanced, healthy and dietary dishes with our nutrition advice.
Maintaining a healthy and varied diet can boost your metabolism can substantially increase enery levels. Enabling you to feel good throughout the day, this course will help you sustain your goals long after the initial course.

Yoga Classes

Harmony for the body and mind

During our Yoga and meditation sessions, you will learn how to relax and listen to your body. Hosted by our coach, Priscilla Laurens who is an Alliance USA certified yoga teacher. The sessions will help you to improve your posture, breathing, toning your figure, increasing flexibility and balance. Practiced in sumptuous surroundings of the beautiful Nice region of the Côte d'Azur overlooking the mediterranean,  you will feel in perfect harmony with nature leaving you blissfully relaxed.


In the heart of the french riviera make the most of beautiful Nice




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